Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Latest JavaScript Visualization Libraries

These days JavaScript and HTML5 are becoming the most prominent open web based visualization technology. There are many jQuery libraries available with MIT Licences which is very free form of open source licences. Here I am going to introduce 3 such libraries.

  1. One of the latest JavaScript library was jqPlot which has a comprehensive set of visualization modules like, line charts and pie charts etc.
  2. The most popular JavaScript tool for web based graph creation (visualization of networks and flow charts) is jsPlumb that comes with MIT licences and plugs with many JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, MooTools, YUI3 and more. Also it supports SVG, Canvas and VML which is compatible with IE6 and later.
  3. The latest JavaScript library I came across is D3.js which has a number of  complex visualization components that were earlier possible only with Flash. The value is that it comes with BSD licences. There is no need to explain about D3. Visit the link and see how advance it is.

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