Sunday, October 14, 2012

Introduction to BAM

As a quick introduction to BAM, lets briefly outline what is BAM and how they are used with their introductions.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is a main concern for almost every enterprise software. BAM is used there to gather information from day-to-day activity via software used in an enterprise. Some of the main concerns are,
  1. Collect, analyze and visualize information related to transactions
  2. Evaluate business growth and underneath market patterns
  3. Identifying customer requirement patterns
  4. Stakeholder behavioral analysis in a business
  5. Detecting attacks on security systems
  6. Billing and metering services in cloud environment
  7. System failure alerting
and etc.

Meeting the all the above mentioned requirements with a single system is a very complex technological challenge which is not completely resolved. According to Gartner BAM is defined in a more general manner. There BAM is defined more as a real-time data analyzing system or as an analyzer of historical data and provide valuable results. Also it explains the use of BAM as a visualization tool and also as a software that can invoke some other system based on event driven manner.
BAM is considered also as a business feedback technology that identifies and analyzes the real trends in business and predict the future of a business. Therefore BAM can be a valuable tool that can gain a competitive advantage to a business as BAM can also be considered as a business intelligence software.
Detection and prevention of security attacks like DDOS attack is also an important usecase of BAM. Heart beating is another application of a BAM when considering the reliability of a system. Complex Business Processes are also required to be monitored to gather activity. One of the other use cases of BAM is to monitor system usage, service usage and etc to throttle tenants in a public or private cloud to guarantee the QoS of each tenant.

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